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Savvik Says is a potent phrase. It's demonstrative and declarative, and that's because Savvik has proven itself as a reputable non-profit company. With over 20 years of cost-effective, world-class buying power experience in the Public Safety sector, Savvik's effectiveness increases with commitment from vendor partners to provide Savvik members with quality products.  That simply means Savvik can proudly 'say anything.'

Savvik can say things like enter. Like win. Like repeat!

The industry's confidence ignited Savvik's passion to spread the Savvik word with generosity through its Dog Days of Summer Contest.  Through July 31st, over 6,300 members and counting are encouraged to enter to win a $300 credit from Hotel Engine, $500 worth of medical supplies, and a $500 grant from Savvik Buying Group.  Savvik says that three is a charm and encourages participants to register and try to win each day.  

Savvik is that committed to making its members aware of what to expect with Savvik's retail credibility. Savvik says to visit the website, enter to win via the short survey and registration, and repeat that process until the last day of July.  Not a bad act to follow! Pass it on! Oops, Savvik Says!


'Savvik says' is reminiscent to that schoolyard role playing during recess in which one of the bossy-pant wearing schoolmates demands that the others execute sometimes difficult tasks; and with no explanation. The eager to learn, but juvenile classmates, follow the lead of  what to do, how to do it, and with no valid reason.

Fast forward to decades later in the world of public safety.  Savvik enters the life-changing public safety industry dedicated to improving the general wellbeing of public safety professionals with valid ways to enhance their professional and personal lives. That competitive drive birthed the catch phrase, 'Savvik Says', which is Savvik's way of making the public safety professional’s life easier from the preferred soap to use, to the state-of-the art machinery needed to thrive as a public service provider.  

Therefore, expect a series of powerful videos based on Savvik's beliefs of necessity to grow in this difficult industry.  'Savvik Says' simplify, which is the quest to find products and tools best suited to make public safety life easier from the start to the end of a shift, day, week, life, etc.  Next, 'Savvik Says' to be impactful as a daily mantra, and to always utilize the training efforts available to continually grow as a provider in any situation.  'Savvik Says' to make changes because anything can happen at any time, and as humans, we are not always ready or prepared for it.  So, changing means to evolve with new technology, and to be full of positive ways to change someone else's life.  And finally, 'Savvik Says' to invest, which is to truly commit to changing lives from our own to those in need.

This blog,'Savvik Says,' will convey each of these riveting messages through blog posts, social media, and the upcoming videos chronicling stories of actual EMS workers, as well as their opinions.  Stay tuned, because 'Savvik Says' validates Savvik's leadership role in this difficult and evolving industry. 


Since Savvik is helping public safety professionals, like you, find the right products for your professional and personal life, cost effectively, it was simply fitting to begin a blog called “Savvik Says.” For 20 years, it has been the motto and mission of Savvik to help in any way take care of others; make lives easier.  And that’s what our new blog will do as well.   


The ‘Savvik Says’ blog content will include information pertaining to the launch of the online store, details about products, customers and vendors, as well as Savvik’s take on industry news.  Also expect professional stories that continue to enlighten the public safety community, unique training methods and changes in standards, plus a notice about upcoming conferences. The newly debated use of the term “paramedicine,” the need and use for specific medical supplies and equipment, and training techniques to improve arrival times are just a few possibilities to discuss at length and eventually generate feedback from readers.


Twice a month, the “Savvik Says” blog will reflect and support the content executed on the Savvik social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  


While discussion opportunities are endless, the most anticipated addition to the Savvik brand is the online retail store, making shopping for quality products even more convenient.  In fact, Savvik Says to pay close attention to the box on the homepage to direct users as to where to expect the digital catalog of products.


In a world cluttered with competition in attempts to saturate markets, it is refreshing that Savvik has lived up to a standard of quality products and effective prices obtained easily.  That standard has helped Savvik thrive as an industry icon, and build a brand of value.  Consider Savvik Says an extension of that value. 


Be sure to check back frequently for the online launch and plan to read Savvik Says for all your industry know-how in the middle and end of each month.