Michigan Association of Ambulance Services

Michigan Association of Ambulance Services member benefits through Savvik Buying Group. Free to use. No commitments. Personal use on contracts is permitted on listings with *

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National pricing on over 30,000 medical supply and equipment items.

Public bid program on new and remount ambulances for your use. No Fees. 12 brands to choose from.

Bid program for your use on Monitors, AED’s and Vents

Public bid program for your use. 1.6 million items on contract. Personal use*

Public bid program for your use. Personal use*

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Bid program for your use. Monitors, AED's and Lucas devices and related accessories.

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Bid program on Monitors, AED’s and accessories.

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Rental Car exclusive website. Personal Use*  Save up to 25%

Monthly legal program for most any service that you need. Programs start $ 17.95 per month Person Use*

Fuel Savings program nationwide

Inventory management for your service.

Compliance Solutions, Publications, Conference and Events

Patient Lift Assist. Save up to 11%

EMS Medical Supplies and Equipment. Savings of up to 70% vs. the national brand

AEDs and Chest Compression Units. Special pricing in Savvik Store from Grainger

Ambulance Billing. 20% Discount

Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Discounts on surveys sent per month, no annual fee or other fees

Financing of emergency vehicles and healthcare equipment

Financing Solutions for Working Capital and A/R

Injury Prevention Systems. 20% Discount

In-Car Video Systems + Body Worn Cameras + Software-Video Management. Special pricing in Savvik Store from Grainger

Medical Equipment Service, Support and Management

Ambulance Child Restraint System, Patient Containment Unit, Stair Chairs Manual and Powered, Scoop Stretchers, and Vacuum Mattresses. Discount of 25%

Gas Sensing Technology – CO and LEL Monitors

A/R Benchmarking / Data Submission and Analysis. 1/3 discount off standard pricing

Office Supplies and Equipment. Special Core List with Discounts up to 84%

Promotional Items and Clothing, Uniforms and Apparel. 15% Discount

Fleet Fuel Cards

Leadership and Organizational Development

No Cost Business Level EMS Benchmarking + No Cost Anonymous EMS Event Reporting + Subscription Based Patient Safety Organization

No Cost Business Level EMS Benchmarking + Community Paramedicine

Public bid program on computers, tablets and over 500,000 associated items. Personal Use*

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Online learning and certification manager. Savvik national discounted base price for each user, special pricing available for larger agencies

Mobile video technology for your fleet. Savvik national discounted base price, special pricing available for larger agencies

Credit Card processing. Savvik Group Core Bundle pricing, low processing fees

HIPAA Compliance Tracking Solution

New and Refurbished Medical Equipment

Service, Repair, Refurbishing of Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment, Accessories, Soft-supplies and Disposables and Repair Services

Equipment Services and refurbished equipment sales

Sterilization Equipment

Waste Management

Pest Control

Office Equipment and Managed Print Services

Document Destruction Services

Food Service Distribution. 20% off on nationally negotiated manufacturer agreements.

Loss of Revenue Recovery on not-at-fault accident claims - closed and current

Online EMS Dispatch, ePCR and Billing Software and EMS Billing Services

Real-Time Patient Medication History Application

Medical Supplies, Equipment and Pharmaceuticals

Exclusive discounts on over 100,000 hotels worldwide. Personal Use*

Workers Compensation Insurance

Automated CPR and Ventilator Testing Equipment

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